Retaining resolutions part 2: Keeping a healthy diet

Retaining resolutions part 2: Keeping a healthy diet

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In this two-part series, MIMS explores the two ways by which people adopt a healthier, if not completely healthy, lifestyle: diet and exercise. We ask industry professionals for tips and insights, not only for those who want to return, but also for those who will be committing to a healthier lifestyle for the first time.
11 Jan 2017 - General
Mark Edmon Tan I remember that we had a previous correspondence about keeping a food diary. I found out that there's an online app that supports this, which is called myfitnesspal. Pers...
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In my opinion, keeping a healthy diet and regular exercise are not supposed to be part or people's new year resolutions. Everyone tends to break their resolutions midway through the year. That is why I suggest that these things should be done as ...
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