On duty with the disease detectives | OUPblog

On duty with the disease detectives | OUPblog

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The recent confirmation that Zika virus is spreading in the southern states of the United States has been met with considerable public anxiety. Infectious diseases strike a particular primal fear in populations, not least because they are perceived to be unfamiliar, strike suddenly and unpredictably, and have strong cultural associations with filth, contagion, or nuisance vectors such as mosquitoes.
11 Jan 2017 - General
It is so admirable to see healthcare professionals dedicating their time, sacrificing many things to save others. Reminds me of the favorite saying "Not all heroes wear capes" They are a silent line of defense that stops diseases from break...
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Interesting indeed Afaque Ali . Thanks for sharing. Every thing mentioned is very important to safeguard the society from catastrophes.But one thing i am compelled to mention is that this extensive work on a disease spread and prevention is a very t...
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