Why So Many Doctors Are Experiencing Burnout -- And Some Potential Solutions

Why So Many Doctors Are Experiencing Burnout -- And Some Potential Solutions

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Shutterstock Just because a physician treats illnesses doesn't mean they are good at caring for their own health. According to Mindful magazine, almost half of U.S. doctors report symptoms of burnout. Doctors work “an average of 10 hours more per week than other U.S. workers and are nearly twice as likely to be [...]
12 Jan 2017 - General
In United states of America, conditions might be better than the other third world countries. In my country, doctors had even worked as a trainee without any proper salary for years in pursuit of happiness. Now things are getting somewhat better. but...
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Medicine is not like it was practiced 20 years ago. The stress on the HCP is increased comparatively. First of all the medical study is itself so tough, intense and demanding that it requires lot of dedication and hard work. Doctors have to sacrifice...
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There is one thing common among most of the professionals in the field of healthcare. They take great care of other peoples health issues but they often neglect their own health. Although it is not apparent, doctors and nurses also suffer from many d...
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Although this topic is one which has been churning in the system for a bit of time, it is still interesting. Doctors in general receive a compensation which is higher than the average. I wonder if the research compares the burnout/suicide rates/worki...
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