Smartphone apps help reduce anxiety, depression symptoms

Smartphone apps help reduce anxiety, depression symptoms

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A suite of interactive smartphone applications designed to help manage or treat anxiety and depression shows potential for improving symptoms in patients who use the apps for up to four times daily.
12 Jan 2017 - General
The advancements in health IT have created a revolution in the healthcare field. Depression and other mental disorders are such ailments which are considered a social stigma and many people feel shy of discussing these issues in public. Such applications help to diagnose the condition and also relieve it at home up to some extent. However, professional guidance is essential. Such applications may reduce the suicidal incidences as many people can know the symptoms at home, without disclosing much...
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It is good for me to see apps for reducing anxiety and depression. Further going in to subject, is 'intellicare app store' is the app name? What I understood is it is a collective of all apps that relates anxiety stress to go in a easy way. It showed some positive results in its first patients study,I am happy to see this. These apps if available for free in android stores every one can use if they feel stressed. These applications will lead in medical field with a raise in android devic...
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