Doctors' bad handwriting puts patients at risk

Doctors' bad handwriting puts patients at risk

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The High Court of Bangladesh has ordered doctors to write prescriptions in block letters or in print, after multiple accounts of illegible handwriting led to incomprehensible prescriptions and dispensing errors.
12 Jan 2017 - General
I agree with you Priscilla Mae Gobuyan . There are some who have good penmanship however, there are just some who are not writing eligibly. I had this experience most of the time. And when the penmanship of the doctors order is not understandle i always end up wasting my time looking for them to confirm the order. I'd rather ask them directly than assuming of what is written. This can actually be another caus...
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Bad handwriting is really a serious problem in some places. Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Tahira Nawaz Some doctors have unreadable prescriptions that pharmacists have to try their best guessing what is written on the paper otherwise they try to contact the doctor in person in an awkward situation. I personally have faced this situa...
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I don't know why the society have this kind of mentality, "a doctors penmanship thing." There are some doctors who may have good handwritings but mostly not. I don't know the reason behind all of this, but I guess you guys must go back to the basics of writing. hehe. We have are currently implementing in our hospital the scanning technique of doctors order directed to the pharmacy department. Less errors, less effort and surely a time saver too for nurses. However it isn't ...
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