PH: Irish nurse facing drug charges pleads for help

PH: Irish nurse facing drug charges pleads for help

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An Irish nurse who allegedly smuggled 0.38 grams of cannabis into the Philippines could face jail time up to 14 years. He has appealed to his government for help via a video message.
12 Jan 2017 - General
We don't know which side tells the true story. If there was video from the alleged, why was it ignored during the hearing? If ever there were definitely rolled tobacco, which I wasn't familiar with until I got here in UK, I just can't ima...
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I can only hope that truth will come out and whoever is offended will be treated justly. Unfortunately, the alleged claims on drug planting has been an issue for quite sometime, although news about this minimized at the start of President Duterte'...
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It is very disappointing to read that very responsible health care professional as nurse is engaged in illegal activity. I wonder is it true? I mean it can be false allegation. If it is true allegation that he has smuggled in 0.38 gram cannabis in Ph...
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This sounds very sad for the part of the victim if he is really a victim of the claimed scenario. However if he isn't telling the truth, he just simply deserve what he is into right now. We all know that illegal drugs or carrying so isn't all...
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