5 notable new developments in brain research

5 notable new developments in brain research

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Here is a brief look at how the latest findings from various research related to the way the brain works, such as the effects of chemo brain.
12 Jan 2017 - General
All of these are interesting research. With regards to the development of a concussion-detecting goggles, I think that this may be potentially useful. However, it has limitations because it only detects pathologic areas which causes a subclinical man...
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These are great discoveries, especially the concussion-detecting goggles as sometimes it is challenging to ascertain if a concussion has developed. I think research on the brain is one of the most critical areas as it can lead to various breakthrough...
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Research and development has changed modified the medical field toward more accurate and detailed analysis and findings that are helpful in detecting very critical diseases conditions. Similarly there are five new significant developments in brain re...
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