The man who treated patients with a fraudulent degree and a fake name

The man who treated patients with a fraudulent degree and a fake name

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Doctor-patient relationships revolve around trust - what happens when the doctor has buried a series of charges against him, treats patients with a fake degree, and even has a fake name?
12 Jan 2017 - General
I agree with Marinelle Castro, that administrative and application process should be investigated for allowing such medical practitioner in their institutions. I'm certain that in-depth...
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This is a common scenario we face all over the world. These people study from unrecognized institutions or even without at least such a learning, many people are pretending to be doctors because of the high earning capacity and the reputation. But it...
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Madhubabu kaaja
What is happening?
It is not the first time to read about such a case and unfortunately it is happening in my country and no strict actions were taken against them.<...
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If the allegations against the doctor in question were correct, then I think that the Sydney Trauma Clinic should investigate its administrative procedures for approving the acceptance of a medical practitioner into their program. This is an importan...
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These existing type of cases are really putting much dirt to the medical profession. This will put our practice be questionable enough if it is safe to trust healthcare professionals nowadays. However let us not also generalize that by singled out st...
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It is an story of fraud doctor, Dr.David Kaye risking public health and safety. David Kaye has no medical qualification but claiming as psychologist and running Sydney trauma clinic. He changed his name after a case. But it is good finding about fake...
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