New Drug That Melts Away Cancer Cells

New Drug That Melts Away Cancer Cells

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Developed by the research team of international and Australian scientists, Venetoclax, which will be sold as Venclexta, has been approved by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration. The anti-cancer drug has the power to "melt away" certain
12 Jan 2017 - General
Kathleen Peralta , I do understand what you mean in the previous post. I was just thinking that this type of thought is something that needs to be reconsidered. This is because many oncologic treatment often have a very low benefit to cost ratio. I have personally seen patients' family who have sold apartments/ cars to finance their treatment, in the end, the patient only lives for a few months more and have ...
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Kathleen Peralta,i have no idea about the costs of the product. But judging from previous cancer medications, it is likely to be a significant cost with only a small improvements to the life of the patients. Unlike what you stated, I believe that costs should still be considered when considering medication. This is because I believe that the endpoint of medical treatment should be quality of life, if thee costs a...
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