Graduate dies of cancer aged 25 after begging doctor for smear test multiple times

Graduate dies of cancer aged 25 after begging doctor for smear test multiple times

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The family of a woman who died from cervical cancer aged 25 has said the current age limit for smear tests should be lowered. Amber Rose Cliff, a housing officer and business studies graduate from Sunderland, died last weekend after fighting the illness for four years.
12 Jan 2017 - General
I do agree that the pap smear should have been given if the story was as described by you.Marinelle Castro I find it rather interesting that we are cross examining a internet tabloid article(Chroincle live and Independent). which i dont think there is any value in doing as they are often written to be sensational. But if we look closely at the articles, there was never ever true evidence that the patient presente...
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Shunjie Chua I understand what you mean about the article being vague because it lacks specific details. However, if a patient already presented with "worrying symptoms" and has been asking for a smear test, then isn't is reasonable to have this test requested? If this is not covered by government insurance, perhaps it will also be reasonable to offer private settlement of fees. Guidelines are jus...
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Marinelle Castro, The story is very vague on the details. I do not think that her GP has not examined her. If that is a case, there would definitely have been a malpractice suit brewing. The problem is that is even if GP has examined her, he/she might not pick up any signs which might suggest cervical cancer. If it was possible, I would like to know if the patient had disclosed her sexual history to the GP. If sh...
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Kathleen Peralta It seems like medical practice in the British region is becoming "too standardized" that the essence of individualized treatment is already lost. I understand that physicians want to prevent doing unnecessary tests. However, they should at least examine their clients and I think that a proper gynecologic exam using a speculum may have alerted the physician that a Pap's smear is ind...
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