Nutella is being removed from supermarkets

Nutella is being removed from supermarkets

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Lovers of chocolate spread may have been shocked on Wednesday by news that Nutella had started vanishing from the shelves of Italian supermarkets on account of fears that it could cause cancer. But are people in Nutella’s homeland over-reacting or are the risks real? Why have Italian supermarkets removed Nutella from their shelves?
12 Jan 2017 - General
I actually bid farewell to this product Mark Edmon Tan. I only eat it every now and then as for one thing its expensive here and my throat hurts from too much sweets. So long taken in moderation we're fine. Mahmoud AbdelAziz: " If it really contains some potentially carcinogenic components, how about the other millions of...
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I surely agree with all the professional views of you here that moderation in everything should be the rule. Kathleen Peralta Marinelle Castro Mark Edmon Tan ...
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Thanks for sharing the article. It was a interesting read. There should be more research on the impact of palm oil on health. Jemelyn Mae Sodusta , there was no broad ban by by " countries" as stated in the article. It was a unilateral move by the supermarkets motivated by the message from the regulatory agency. The removal of the products is currently limited for how. Personally, I think that consumpti...
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