Chinese company implants 3-D printed blood vessels into monkeys

Chinese company implants 3-D printed blood vessels into monkeys

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Chinese scientists have replaced blood vessels in monkeys with 3-D printed versions, potentially offering hope to nearly 1.8 billion people with cardiovascular disease globally.
13 Jan 2017 - General
This sounds good and the technology rises day by day and with the evolution, these miracles take place. According to this article they have tested it in monkeys and if their survival rate goes up, this would be a good news because the prevalence of t...
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3D printing of organic substances is going to be the next advancement in regenerative medicine. I was watching a movie yesterday that showed complete regrowth of an amputated hand with the help of a 3D printer. Although that may take decades of resea...
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Thanks for sharing the article Tahira Nawaz. This discovery of a method to rapidly produce blood vessels through 3D printing is a very useful one with the potential to be used in the therap...
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3-D printed medicine has another breakthrough in the medical field that is the installation of 3-D printed blood vessels in monkeys. The results are highly positive where stem cell’s growth was started just 5 days after the surgery and after one mont...
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