Hospital given steep fine for lack of security in medications

Hospital given steep fine for lack of security in medications

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Abington Memorial Hospital was heavily faulted by US authorities for a lack of security pertaining to controlled substances after a pharmacist stole drugs through a loophole.
13 Jan 2017 - General
In the last few years, the number of individuals who abuse narcotic drugs have increased. In fact, I have read some news reporters who claim that there is an epidemic of narcotic drug abuse in their region. I think that one way to combat this problem is to ensure that pharmacies follow the standard guidelines on dispensing scheduled medications. Like what Jemelyn Mae Sodusta mentioned, abuse of narcotic medicatio...
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Here in our country, pharmacists located in the city, they are very particular with the drug prescription coming from the doctors. Especially for antibiotics and regulated drugs. However, what i have observed some pharmacy located in rural areas, they are not really particular with the physicians prescription. Especially in dispensing antibiotics. I guess, there should be a strict regulations with regards to the dispensing of drugs to our community. Just like the article mentioned, to avoid drug...
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