Sex Of A Baby May Be Predicted By The Mother’s Blood Pressure, Says Study

Sex Of A Baby May Be Predicted By The Mother’s Blood Pressure, Says Study

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Scientists have claimed that woman's blood pressure before she gets pregnant could affect whether she has a boy or a girl. Researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto found those with lower blood pressure tended to
13 Jan 2017 - General
Increased blood pressure in pregnancies has not been described well but there is an association between high blood pressure and the volume of the placenta. I dont think that the gender of the fetus coukd not be expressed to the parents depending only...
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After getting into link, the study is conducted on enough patients that I want to appreciate but further it required to study on all ages because as age is also dependent on pregnancy. Blood pressure values 112.5 ± 11.9 (Male) 109.6 ± 12.0 ...
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Maternal Blood Pressure Before Pregnancy and Sex of the...
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Interesting association which has been found by the researchers. It is great that the researchers stated that the association is not equal causation and hence advises anyone from trying to manipulate the BP of a female to select for a specific gender...
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There are several believed ways that sex of fetus can be determined like baby heart beat, blood pressure, symptoms and size and shape of mothers belly, but all are 50-50 chances in failing and passing criteria as per my view. As ...
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I really find it hard to believe how the their can be a relationship between the blood pressure of the woman and the sex of the child she is about to conceive. The sex of the fetus is purely dependant on the genetics of the sperm that the egg gets fe...
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