When it is so easy to reverse diabetes medically, why resort to bariatric surgery for diabetes?

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14 Jan 2017 - General

I practice Integrative Medicine. 

I help patients reverse their disease and become healthy again. Free of drugs, free of risk of complications and free of doctors includong myself!

This is what Plaha Inderpal Singh had to say about his health:

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God Bless You

6 months back, my sugar levels were 270+ Also on BP medication for more than 30 years. On antacids, ever since I can remember And then – Dr LILY KISWANI came into my life ! Today at age 67, my sugar levels & BP are normal Finally – NO DRUGS, NO MEDICINES !

That’s the magic of Integrative Medicine!


Lily Kiswani Thanks for sharing your practice on integrative medicine to the community. I am currently completing my neurosurgical residency from an institute that offers bariatric surgery for patients who have metabolic syndrome. In our institute, we do not readily offer bariatric surgery for those with diabetes alone. We offer this form of treatment for cases of metabolic syndrome that are refractory to medical...
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