Liver toxicities related to herbal supplements on the rise

Liver toxicities related to herbal supplements on the rise

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Drug-induced liver injury has recently been increasing as herbal and dietary supplements gain popularity over the last decade.
14 Jan 2017 - General
There is a potential for liver and other toxicities from abuse of herbal products since they do contain chemical, even if natural. Moreover, just as drugs have side effects these supplements may have their own side effects . Part of the popularity of herbal supplements is that many people associate natural products as being safe (why else will they be sold OTC?) and pharmaceuticals are more toxic or have more side effects (Why do they need a doctor's prescription?). Also, there might be ...
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I've had my share of patients who came to the office due to symptoms of toxicity from "herbal" supplements. We must remember that nature's remedies often developed from the natural defense of plants against those who would consume them. While we derive nutrition and aids to healing from plants and other natural sources, consuming excessive amounts will prove unwise as they will definitely become toxic to the body especially to the liver and the kidneys. Herbal supplements have ...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
There is no doubt that herbal products proved their success in treating many symptoms and even diseases with minimal side effects compared to chemical medicines but unfortunately they started to spread and take the pathway of only business and profit which lead to the presence of herbal products with low quality and harmful for patients.
Also as ...
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