New urine test can quickly detect whether a person has a healthy diet

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15 Jan 2017 - General
Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Thanks for sharing the article. It is quite interesting. I am sure the authors of the article would be shared the possible applications for the test in their paper. One of the possible applications which i can think of would be to used in the targeting of subsidies for the poor. In the USA, there is often a association of poverty with obesity, and some academics have feared that food s...
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I am aware that unhealthy diet is one of the reasons for diseases that we know of today. Obesity is an ongoing problem, especially here in UK. The government has been looking ways and doing things so to help educate people about obesity but there are just some who don't care. This urine test will be pretty much like the dieticians, they are there to inform and give you the right information but it will still all be up to the individual to change their lifestyle. I think, this is just a waste...
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