NHS to recruit medics and GPs from India, Pakistan and the EU due to staff shortage

NHS to recruit medics and GPs from India, Pakistan and the EU due to staff shortage

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Amidst the growing humanitarian NHS crisis in the UK, the government hopes that offering foreign doctors work opportunities and attractive salaries within the NHS will be enough to address the staff shortage problem.
15 Jan 2017 - General
@[Shunjie Chua]
The health care facilities in urban areas in India is world class in private sector hospitals. The variations in patient populations is a great boon for the physicians in India as it helps them to get exposed to patients coming from different areas and different diseases of vast variety can be studied. But physicians are unwilling to work in the rural areas due to lack of incentives and poor health infrastructure in the rural areas. This discrepancy has started to be shorten...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
It is a very disturbing article, I can't imagine how long patients can hold until their surgeries are done.
It is not only concerning shortage in medics, but also unavailability of beds.
Yes as most of you said it is a great opportunities for U.K.,India and Pakistan doctors to find a good chance, it is well know how these countries have an experienced doctors who off course will...
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As always, staff shortage in hospitals. As what Shunjie Chua said, it is a move to break down the efforts of the junior doctors. I just don't understand why they don't look at the bigger picture. They keep relying on locums which ends up having to pay more as they charge more than the average wage and why not make their own staff happy by compensating properly. I am not against recruiting internationall...
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There are a lot of opportunities in the UK not only for physicians but also for nurses. The offer for GPs to have their completion is really good. Provided that they will be given a training salary aside from their basic salaries is quite impressive! The European government should encourage their citizens to take up medical related courses more. Unlike here in the Philippines, younger generation is being discouraged to take up nursing because there is an overflowing supply and increase in unempl...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz Thanks for sharing the article. I feel that this article is quite strange because i have often heard that it was very difficult for physicians in UK to be able to find jobs. This move is done in order to break down the efforts of the juniors doctors for a strike to improve on their wages. By showing the resolve and the ability of the government to import labour at will, they will not be held ran...
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