Cyptic pregnancies: the need to raise awareness

Cyptic pregnancies: the need to raise awareness

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Being pregnant is supposedly an “obvious” experience, with noticeable biological and physical changes, so how can a woman not know that she is pregnant? Incredible as this may be, cryptic pregnancies, where a woman is unaware of her own pregnancy, are far more common than expected.
16 Jan 2017 - General
Although the vague nature of cryptic pregnancy, there are some signs indicate the need for seeing a doctor and undergoing ultrasound examination. During a cryptic pregnancy, most women will experience the typical symptoms of pregnancy like Nausea/vomiting, frequent urination, Food aversion, Increased appetite and Weight gain. However, there will be signs and symptoms that ARE NOT typical during a "standard" pregnancy. Cryptic pregnancy will have Negative urine and blood pregnancy tests...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
The question come to my mind after reading this article, what is the solution and how to know if you are pregnant?
Pregnancy and having a baby needs many preparations not only money wise talking but mentally prepared to be a mom or even to have more than one kid.
It is really dangerous case and I can't imagine how this couldn't be detected, as the article mentioned there are...
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