“Is there a doctor on board?” - A guide to in-flight medical emergencies

“Is there a doctor on board?” - A guide to in-flight medical emergencies

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With an ethical and professional duty to help the sick, physicians can find themselves in sticky situations when called to service while off-duty. Here are some things doctors should bear in mind the next time an in-flight announcement summons the help of a medical professional.
16 Jan 2017 - General
I remember when I volunteered to help out in an emergency on an international flight. I appreciate how the flight stewardess did not second guess me if I was a doctor or not. She said to me "you're the doctor..ok now we can open this (pulls out the emergency kit which apparently can only be handled by the doctor). It is good that the flight attendants are trained in basic care like CPR but the assessment of a patient needs a medical professional. What if there is no such passenger on bo...
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Kathleen Peralta Actually I do not think much about it, but I would be willing to help in case the flight attendants would ask for the help of a doctor. However, in case the passenger needs urgent intervention, I will recommend a detour to the nearest location with a treatment facility. Madhubabu kaaja I do not know of any in-fligh...
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Madhubabu kaaja
In my opinion, at least flight attendants should be certified for 1st aid steps, this for sure will make a big difference.
The plane should include a section for emergency tools or bag and should be reachable to flight attendants and passengers.
What is the problem if there is an occupied doctor in plane especially for international flights, and another doctor should be available in ea...
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There should be a clear guideline on what kind of patients are fit for flight, for example, if a patient were to have pneumothorax or any major surgery recently. This will avoid the critically ill patients to be on board and increase the likelihood of an inflight medical emergency. However, no matter how careful we are at prevention, there will always be cases that are inevitable, for example, acute myocardial infarction on the plane or acute stroke. The longer the duration of flight, the higher...
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