The role of nurses in preventing violence against women

The role of nurses in preventing violence against women

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One in ten women in Singapore has experienced physical violence or abuse by a male, as reported by the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE).Many cases of domestic violence go unreported as many victims try to cover up the abuse – only 23% of the local women who had experienced domestic abuse filed official reports. What can nurses do to help these victims?
16 Jan 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja
As much as men become well educated and stick to their religion roles, they will never think to be violent to women as all the religions I know call for respecting women and be soft to them.
Nurses come in the first place to deal with patients and they are the closest to them, yes they can observe any harm could reach patients but I think they have to undergo a training or workshop to give ...
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Back in the year 2011, i have done a study with regards with this topic. Domestic violence on women. Just like what the article mentioned, most of the women are afraid that their safety together with their children will be at risk and at some point they are denial and are afraid with the opinion of others. Though, it needs a further research to delve into this topic, still i find it interesting for anyone around the world could relate to this incident and had actually the same reasons. It is goo...
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Thank you for sharing this article Madhubabu kaaja . I have read multiple articles which talks about the key signs to spot and the important role which physicians play in addressing abuse. This quite refreshing to read, but it appears to me that the ideas as suggested has not much difference from what a physician is to do. I also question the feasibility to follow the advice. This is because the nurses whom i have...
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