Ageism: Elderly Filipinos discriminate against themselves

Ageism: Elderly Filipinos discriminate against themselves

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Ageism is a form of prejudice related to a person’s age. The most common perception is that elderly people “naturally” become frail, forgetful, and incompetent. It does exist in the Philippines but no only younger people have this prejudice. The elderly also discriminate against themselves.
16 Jan 2017 - General
In some of my encounters with the elderly, my colleagues and I often are more considerate of them, even if they are cranky or impatient. We know that aside from having difficulty with their age, they are also emotionally sensitive and thus are given more understanding. Reading this article, I agree that many Filipino elderly do not prioritize themselves over the needs of their family. I often see lolos and lolas (grandfathers and grandmothers) bringing their grandchildren to school and taking ca...
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