Health professionals:  4 Tips to deal with information fatigue

Health professionals: 4 Tips to deal with information fatigue

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, information fatigue is a condition of apathy, indifference or mental exhaustion due to being exposed to too much information. Information fatigue is also sometimes referred to as information overload.
17 Jan 2017 - General
Before heading to the web, one must set a goal of what kind of information do they really need. There could be a lot of information out there wherein it is not necessary to the one we needed. We can never deny that sometimes its really fun to browse over the web, just simply by clicking a few minutes unknowingly we already spent hours then we realized we haven't yet had the answer for the information we wanted to look for. Make a restricted time table or plan that you get to have this hour t...
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Thank you for sharing the article Mahmoud AbdelAziz . The four tips it offers can really guide information usage to be able to prevent overload. Mark Edmon Tan I agree with everything should be taken in moderation. I was quite interested in your thought on the development of diseases which can be caused by "knowing too much&q...
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