Optimum Duration for Doctor-Patient Consultation

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17 Jan 2017 - General

Patient-Doctor consultation duration is very critical for the treatment. It is tough now to visit a doctor due to increase patient rush and high fees. So if patient come to visit a doctor, doctor should give a maximum time to patient to understand his/her medical condition completely to prescribe the right medications with advice. What you think, what should be optimum duration for Doctor-Patient consultation?

Giving specific minutes per doctors consultation is also a time saver for both parties. However we cannot gauge their level of understanding after the consultation has been done say for example after thirty minutes. It is a case to case basis and maybe for the time being given, it may not be enough for the patients for all their questions be catered and answered. Giving a scheduled time ahead of time, as well as catering just enough patients for the day would be good enough. Having patients more...
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I have observed some doctors in the US and seemingly their time limit is 15-30 minutes (depending on their practice). I believe they give that minimum time as it is required of them and are given that maximum as they have more patients waiting. I am impressed by their schedules as if a patient's appointment is 3:15-3:30 they are seen somewhere between that. I don't believe in maximum time unless you have more patients waiting. For long as you covered all the necessary is the ...
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The optimum duration of a medical consultation really depends upon the nature of the consult. In emergency settings wherein assessments need to be done quickly, this can last anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on the urgency of the situation. For outpatient consults, initial visits take a lot longer because there is a lot to explain. Follow ups typically take than 15 minutes unless there is a new problem that needs further assessment and discussion. The important thing is that both parties ar...
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