Knowing when to let go of a medical staff

Knowing when to let go of a medical staff

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Getting fired is a very unpleasant thing, but it is equally hard to be the person who has to perform the termination. However, in the tough working world, the fact remains that when it is necessary to let an employee go, there is no choice other than to settle it as peaceably as possible.
17 Jan 2017 - General
Thank you for sharing the article Mark Edmon Tan . It offers us some areas which we can consider in healthcare staff which we can take note in their evaluation(i.e. I don't think it should be just in healthcare, but also in all areas of work) I do agree with you that honesty and integrity are very important characteristics to have. It will be quite tough if there is a team member who is persistently without ...
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In addition to this, I would like to emphasise the value of honesty and integrity among members of the health care team. No matter how efficient, intelligent or patient a medical personnel may be, if his conduct is dishonorable then I think that he is not worthy to be part of the team. A health care facility is a business as well just like any other establishment. It is just right to keep in check the members comprising the health care team and their attitudes on the job because any misdemeanor ...
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