5 of the world’s earliest prostheses

5 of the world’s earliest prostheses

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Due to diseases or unfortunate circumstances, some individuals have lost some parts of their bodies, thus initiating the creation of ancient prosthetics. Today, these augmentations have morphed from being merely compensational or functional to that of facilitating our lifestyles and making us more complete and flexible.
18 Jan 2017 - General
This article is loaded with information. The toe is responsible for more than 50% of propulsion and it is only fitting that a prosthesis was made to acknowledge its functional significance. It is nice to trace the evolution of prosthesis; however, I feel sad that prosthesis is no longer affordable as compared previously. There are four main parts of a lower extremity prosthesis namely the suspension, socket, shank, and foot. The foot component alone is expensive for most patients. A standard pro...
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