Two patient deaths as a result of pharmacists’ errors

Two patient deaths as a result of pharmacists’ errors

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When medications are the patient’s lifeline, pharmacists are facing increasing pressure to deliver competent service. In separate incidences, two pharmacists in Canada made tragic medication errors that led to fatalities.
19 Jan 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Healthcare professionals in all fields complement each other work, the roles made by doctors, nurses and pharmacists are very important and non of them could be neglected.
Pharmacists who are mentioned in the article should be a lesson to others to be more faithful and focused on their work and on every step they take.
Patients lives should be a priority as a minor mistake would tak...
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The two poor pharmacists who were condemned were also very unlucky. I am sure no one out of their own will would want to harm the patients of make such a silly mistakes. Getting suspended means loss of job and a black mark for their whole career. Certainly hope that healthcare workers also need to be protected on the other hand too. A comprehensive system should be in place to avoid the swiss cheese effect and if someone had pointed out the mistakes and rectified it, they may not have been suspe...
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As a pharmacist-educator, reading these cases made me feel very bothered, as these fatal incidences were very much preventable. I could imagine the guilt and regret felt by the pharmacists involved. I was also wondering if the patients or their caregivers were counseled regarding the medications to be taken? Such terrible outcomes could also have been prevented if the patient or caregivers asked questions about the medications,and the pharmacists could also have double-checked their mistakes thr...
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