Trump's vague healthcare decisions on the eve of his inauguration

Trump's vague healthcare decisions on the eve of his inauguration

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Donald Trump will be installed into the White House on 20 January. While he has assured Americans that his new healthcare plan would be much more affordable and cover all citizens, the vagueness of his plans raises much doubt. Will there be a favourable solution?
19 Jan 2017 - General
Should this be a face pal moment? I don't know, we'll see. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Could he be bluffing? This isn't a game though, this isn't entertainment business that you just talk for attention. I don't know.. maybe he just couldn't coat his words a little more diplomatic or at least a little more "President-sy"? After all, these are all talks and he haven't walked the walk yet. With VERY high hopes, I hope he does walk the walk. I...
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Yes, as Shunjie Chua said, it is a hearing for the nominees to the different departments in the government not an election. The president elect has already chosen his governmental team but they need to be approved first by the congress through public hearings. During these hearings, the nominees should answer the questions openly to prove their ability and avoid any conflict of interests. ...
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United States of America is facing a challenging change in terms of their administration but facing a lot of critics and issues especially on health care. Replacing obamacare with an "unaffordable" act care leaves hope to the citizens of a bett r healthcare system that could benefit everybody. As to skipping of answers and not being transparent with the goals of the the new set of group gives the people doubts and hesitation for some. Let us sit and wait for they may also announce wh...
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Thank you for sharing the article Mahmoud AbdelAziz . I have read about this issue as well yesterday on the NYT. The republicans will have a big job in trying to develop a new plan to replace the ACA when they repeal it. Hopefully, they will be able to get it right so that US residents will be able to benefit. But in anyway, USA is a resilient nation with vast quantities of talented people, there will be a good p...
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