Is there any shortage of medical manpower in Phillipines?

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19 Jan 2017 - General

Hi everyone, I have created this post after some personal experiences as well as reading some of the news posts that were shared by the other board members. In Singapore, there are many healthcare staff from the Philipines. They can range from specialists to the healthcare aid assistant. There also appears to be huge pools of Philippino nurse in the states and Europe. I was just wondering

How is the healthcare condition in the Phillpines?

Are there manpower shortages? And how drastic is it?

What is the tuition for studying a healthcare field in the Philipines?

Hi Shunjie Chua , I think in general there are lots of health care professionals in the Philippines, especially nurses due to the nursing boom about 10 years ago. I think the exception to this is doctors since a previous report stated that many areas lacked a physician. Manpower shortage, however, is seen in various health care institutions, especially in government hospitals, since they can only afford to hire...
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Hi Shunjie, I just noted your post so thought I might be able to answer some of your questions.

There are government and private hospitals. Way back 2011 when I was working in Philippines as a ward nurse, we normally have 1:12 nurse/patient ratio and that is in a private hospital and I can't answer what it's like in the government hospitals. We did experience some shortages where I worked, but it was mainly due to sickness or absence. As for the tuition, I can only answer for t...
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