Should healthcare professional accept gifts from their patients?

Should healthcare professional accept gifts from their patients?

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It is natural for patients to gift their physicians as an expression of their gratitude, but not all gifts to doctors bear innocent intentions. Physicians need to know when to turn down gifts that can potentially jeopardise the patient-doctor relationship.
19 Jan 2017 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan
In my opinion it depends on the situation, healthcare professionals can understand what is behind this gift, is it for good or bad deeds.
There is no problem to accept gifts from patients if you can control yourself and don't specify this patient from others, and this would be a sign of professionality.
Patients could present gifts to say how they are grateful and want to th...
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A few days ago, Mark Edmon Tan posted a topic about patients, and their token of appreciation for good patient care. In the Philippines, it is customary for patients to give gifts to their healthcare providers. Personally during the holiday season, I sent gifts to some of my doctors, and I don't see any problem with giving gifts as a token of appreciation. However, if there is another motive behind the gift,...
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Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing the article. I think this issue was discussed before a few months ago when the forum started.As stated by others, the most important thing is to follow the policy in which one is present in. Ethically, i do not think that it is appropriate for clinicians to receive gifts if it is too expensive. But if it not too expensive, then it might be possible. And we should take ...
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I agree with what the article says, that small gifts or tokens of appreciation can be accepted, but if the gift is too luxurious (and suspiciously has a different motive behind giving it), it should be graciously rejected. Many patients often feel very thankful to their doctors, especially after getting well because of the doctor’s help, and some would want to show appreciation with a token. As a patient, I was very thankful to my OB for doing a great job during my son’s delivery, so I offered a...
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In our company, we have policies and procedures regarding acceptance of gifts from patients and relatives. We should avoid receiving if it is just given to an individual but if it is to be shared among staff like box of chocolates are acceptable. As what the article said, patients should know that whether with a gift or not, they will still all receive the same quality of care. I am writing with a nurses' point of view as we usually work in groups but I guess it would be different for a phys...
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Receiving gifts as a form of appreciation is usual in our practice. This comes in either a form of monetary or goods. In our culture offering food as a token is alright however for monetary values it depends. Most likely in our hospital, we are not allowed to receive any monetary token as much as possible to avoid ethical issues. Although receiving gifts are good but just to be sure and have no issues on the care and equality, better not to receive any of those. But if they really insist, it dep...
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