Do You Think Doctors Advice the Same Tests to All

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19 Jan 2017 - General

I have observed that various patients complain that some Doctors always advice few same tests to almost all patients whatever the medical condition patients have. I have never observed this whenever I have visited the Doctors and I don’t think so there is any benefit to doctor by advising same test. What is your opinion?

Tests are still case to case basis. However, most tests becomes a baseline to have an overview of the overall health of a patient or to check up on the function of a certain system. Still, doctors wouldn't request all diagnostic tests and make a shotgun diagnosis just based on laboratory results. Accurate history, physical exam and a clinical eye would still help a lot on picking out certain tests to be importantly done. Testing can be expensive for patients too, but they have to do it anywa...
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I agree with Marinelle Castro that doctors request for routine tests to determine if there is concomitant infection and for annual metabolic panel. Routine tests are vital as they serve as the baseline marker should an inpatient acquire nosocomial infection. However, we also order tests that are specific to the patient's condition. For example, an ESR is requested even if there is radiographic evidence that t...
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