5 times healthcare workers needed to improvise care in emergency situations

5 times healthcare workers needed to improvise care in emergency situations

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More often than not, emergencies occur away from hospitals and healthcare providers are forced to save lives with only elementary medical equipment. Here, we look at various instances where healthcare providers added creativity to life-saving solutions.
20 Jan 2017 - General
I remember a story of a doctor who practiced on a rural area with scarce medical resources. He had to deliver a baby via spontaneous delivery, it was a difficult delivery but transferring to a more abled facility is not possible anymore because it would take hours to get there and the baby might die in utero. He didn't have the medical supplies and maybe got a little shook up too since it has been long since he last delivered a baby. Luckily he has a OBGYN relative and delivered the baby whi...
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Thank you for sharing the article Madhubabu kaaja Marinelle Castro , really enjoyed your experience as well. It is true as the others have said that improvisation is often practiced in resource contrainted settings(if not, the adminstrators might not be too happy that the improvisation is being performed. One important thing when w...
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I have my own share of improvisation. When I was a general surgery resident, I encountered this patient who has urinary retention and is in severe pain. He has a urethral structure so the usual sizes of urinary catheters won't fit. He is in severe pain, and is diaphoretic, what I did was I inserted the smallest feeding tube and luckily it fits, and the urine started draining. However, he since its a feeding tube, it doesn't have a balloon. He is transferring to another hospital due to fi...
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