What healthcare professionals need to know about RA 9165

What healthcare professionals need to know about RA 9165

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The Philippines’ war on illegal drugs has been consistently making the headlines in various international news publications, and has been widely criticised locally. As healthcare professionals, acquiring drugs that Philippine laws deem as dangerous can cost not just a lot of money, but the cancellation of their license to practice medicine as well. It pays to know some of the provisions of Republic Act 9165 or the Dangerous Drug Act of 2002.
20 Jan 2017 - General
War on drugs is good but offenders brought to justice then rehabilitated.
Randomized killings are effect of offenders left on the street and their masterminds fear of retribution.
drug lords need rehabilitated too but away from the drug users. away from general penal rehabilitation population.
Govt audit to ensure drug rehab centers are following the program to rehabilitate and
graduates are given meaningful job when they return to their families / society.
Govt and civic soc...
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There is a big difference between illegal or prohibited drugs and regulated drugs. Both classifications belong to DANGEROUS drugs classification. As a medical practitioner and registered pharmacist, i find it reprehensible that Drug enforcement officers have, in the past, apprehended doctors (anesthesiologists) for sharing / selling, from one to the other - regulated drugs such as Ketamine HCl. When this drug is in the hands of drug users, it is prohibited, of course it is. But when it is handle...
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Thank you for sharing this article highlighting some points of the Dangerous Drugs Act in the Philippines. I think for different countries, the policies are different but in general the big picture is similar. I believe that the prescription rights comes from the healthcare professional. Times and times again, clinicals are in a dilemma whether to give certain medications to patients upon patients request. If you dont give, they complian and you lose your job or lose the patient; if you give, y...
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Thank you for sharing this article highlighting some points of the Dangerous Drugs Act here in the Philippines. In the Pharmacy curriculum, we have a subject called Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence ad it includes studying the provisions of this law. Its worth noting that because the new administration is prioritizing the fight against illegal drugs, these sanctions may be more strictly implemented so concerned patients and health care professionals who use, dispense, or prescribe regulated drugs for...
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It is HCPs responsibility to know more about drug laws and other amendments especially all critical points being part of our regular duties. Republic act 9165 deals woth improper drug usage and all. We should not possess any equipments for danger drugs which is a crime and unnecessary prescribing dangerous drugs is also a crime. So, be aware of all these rules as we are hearing about several pharmacists, nurses and doctors being jailed for inappropriate usage of danger medicines. Dont be in mon...
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