Psychosomatic illnesses: ‘It’s all in the mind’ is not the answer

Psychosomatic illnesses: ‘It’s all in the mind’ is not the answer

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When dealing with symptoms that seem to have no physical source, the doctor-patient relationship holds more weight than treatment guidelines.
20 Jan 2017 - General
As a medical practitioner, you cannot just "dismiss" a psychosomatic illness. What would really help for a patient is get the right doctor for it. I've seen cases and had taken up cases as such. Seek help with your medical doctor and a psychiatrist. Having a psychiatrist doesn't categorize you as crazy, but they are specialists in such cases. A patient will always seek up for a consult with the same complaints because the etiology cannot be discerned, especially if a psychosoma...
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In this discussion I prefer not to use the term "psychosomatic disorder" because its something that's not used in diagnosis of mental health disorders. The latest edition of DSM recognizes somatic symptom disorders wherein individuals have bodily preoccupations, and symptoms, despite a normal medical evaluation. Several etiologic factors are associated with these disorders, and one of which is the presence of cognitive distortions about the physical body and the development of diea...
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