Oranges and Common Cold

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20 Jan 2017 - General

Common cold is common illness in winter in countries like Pakistan. There are two opinions regarding the treatment of common cold with vitamin C. A reliable study source shows that intake of vitamin C in common cold can reduce the severity of the condition. Available at:

While oranges are contains 88 % vitamin C than why it is perceived that eating oranges in winter can worse the common cold?

Tahira Nawaz, Shunjie Chua : please don't get me wrong. I am all for low cost treatment especially since I am working in a developing country. I pulled the statements from the results of the study as the conclusion of the author stated that yes Vitamin C can be used on patients but it was not replicated in the therapeutic tr...
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Tahira Nawaz Thank you for sharing thought. It is a very interesting thought on a condition that we experience very commonly. Jennifer Winter I think they concluded by saying that vitamin c has shown some ability to reduce the duration and intensity of the condition. It can be tried out in a patient due to its low cost and good sa...
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