PH: Food bank for young indigents set up in province

PH: Food bank for young indigents set up in province

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The local government of Isabela, Philippines has embarked on a food bank project meant to provide food for its young and indigent constituents.
20 Jan 2017 - General
Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan i think the government addressed this problem but in a different manner; such as feeding programs and the likes.
Food bank seems like a good idea, hopefully it would evolve into something fruitful. What Senator Aquino proposed sounds like a good idea too. We do need to see consistent actions from the government though, as ideas would always be brilliant but would be useless if not...
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Madhubabu kaaja There is a website for the 4P program ( They do not state the specific type of food which is supplied there, but i think they have a contact which you can email to obtain that information. I am not sure if there is a exact portion of the budget which is for food allocation. I think if there is it would be subsumed under the welfare, social purposes. This form of break o...
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