How to face our patients tomorrow!! Are We being Fooled by somebody !!!

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21 Jan 2017 - General

Latest Articles from NCBI 'study says there is no link between cholesterol and heart disease', CNN says 'New U.S dietary guidelines limits sugars,rethink cholesterol", Telegraph says High cholesterol doesnot cause heart disease new reasearch finds- so treating with Statins a 'waste of time'.

So,what we have done rightly in the past becomes wrong and wrongly in the past becomes right now! So Strange World! Simply we all are being fooled by some sources. For Example, Coconut oil, Groundnut Oil,Sesame oil, Mustard Oil &etc were been in use during our parent's or our grand parent's erasand they stayed healthy n lived long. From late 90's those all got wipped out from the markets almost. Now only sunflower, rice bran,olive, canola oils protects the hearts! according to our Great Medias. Nowadays even it is labelled as it contains Mineral (crude) oil. we witnesses more  of heart n other casualties nowadays. 

Who is to be blamed? where are those studies and researches?  Where is the medical Ethics?

How to face our Patients tomorrow!! Are we being fooled by somebody !!!

Heena Pohani I understand your sentiments but we have to put things into perspective. I don't think that any of the researchers have the intention of producing falsified data that aims to "fool" everybody. The current recommendation on statins have been verified by other reputable organizations, other than the AHA. Nevertheless, as medical professionals, we have to accept that medicine, like any ot...
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