Eating disorders can strike in mid-life - BBC News

Eating disorders can strike in mid-life - BBC News

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Eating disorders affect a small but substantial number of women in their 40s and 50s, research suggests.
21 Jan 2017 - General
Marinelle Castro Thank you for sharing the article. I have helped to perform a research on this previously in my earlier years.Eating disorders will are indeed quite rare . From a large cohort of patients, I think we only had below of 10% who were above 25. In terms of the clinical features, the older and younger patients appear to be rather similar. Even though these patients are rare, it is still important for...
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In the Philippines, the statistics of eating disorders are basically unknown. However, based on observation, even among peers and colleagues, I have observed a lot of dysfunctional eating behaviors that may potentially lead to a full blown eating disorder. Among middle-aged individuals, I think that one of the biggest factor that may play a role in the development of eating disorder is body dissatisfaction, which can be affected by popular or social media and culture. Women are expected to maint...
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