Online education among health professionals

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21 Jan 2017 - General

I'd like to ask the community about their thoughts on online education. I have recently encountered nursing programs in the United States that offer masteral and even doctorate nursing degrees solely through online education systems. Basically, all learning materials are provided for, and can be accessed through online means. Assessments and assignments are also passed online, which are reviewed by a mentor or a coach. I personally feel that this type of education allows the individual to learn at his own pace. However, I also think that it has its disadvantages in terms of limited mentorship and the like. Do you think that online education is enough to be conferred a degree? 
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Nothing is absolute, and I think online education works for learners who are able to engage in self-study. However, learners who find it difficult to study on their own will find online learning difficult. All in all, for the healthcare profession, I think that online education will only work, if the student truthfully engages in virtual attendance and mentorship, and if a separate practicum (that requires personal appearance) will be done to su...
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Practicing in the healthcare field requires practice and exposure, of course you can't just learn IVF insertion or CPR through online videos, you need to have demonstrations. The dilemma with online education generally, is not the system itself, but for me, the students. I've worked for people who takes up online courses and ends up cheating by having me or someone else take their classes in replacement. But then, the real loser there would be the ones who cheat. If a person can strive i...
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