which diet plan is safe for our obese patients and why? - open discussion

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22 Jan 2017 - General

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 Though it is a part of Dietician's Job. on few occasion, patients put us in a fix, even i too happen to ask my dietician about my kind of diet. latest trends paleo, ketogenic, Atkin's, crash, general motor diet and so on & on available. Those with good Initial motivation n strong will power could acheive their target, what abt others? 


Dr haleeth Ibrahim, thanking you for creating a good topic for discussion. It is tough for dietician to decide and fix diet plan for obese patient. It is most challenging to physician in regions where dieticians are less available regions. Physician can recommend some diet plan but it is dependent on patients adaptation and also patient exercise. It is generally recommended water, protein food and leafy vegetabl...
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