Return to work after stroke may be possible

Return to work after stroke may be possible

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Returning to work after a stroke event is possible, although not all patients may be able to do so, a new study reports. Taking a sick leave prior to the stroke and a severe disability at discharge are both risk factors for not returning to work.
22 Jan 2017 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing the article. I feel that it is a strange study to be carried out. I find that the motivations for the study not really convincing and the conclusions also not that robust. I do agree with Dr Nieh that stroke can occur to a broad degree of severity, but i would like to also add that the premorbid status of the individual is also important( actually this is shown on the s...
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Whether a patient can return to work after an episode of cerebral vascular accident aka stroke, will depends on the extent of stroke as well as the extent of recovery from stroke. The disease spectrum is very wide and there are situations that people have complete recovery to situations when people die on the spot. Thus it really depends, however with modern day medical management, we aim to hope the medical management and the rehabilitation program would help patients to go back to the workforc...
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