Three important facts to note on medical advertising in Malaysia

Three important facts to note on medical advertising in Malaysia

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In the sales of medicine, if advertisements promoting such products are misused or abused, there could be dire consequences for the patients. The Malaysian government imposes strict control over advertisements concerning medicine, and below are three important facts that all pharmacists advertising their products should know.
23 Jan 2017 - General
Thank you all for sharing your valuable insights on this topic. I agree with you, Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan . Advertising herbal supplements and traditional therapies should be strictly regulated too. Unfortunately, the situation in Malaysia is quite similar to your country on this matter. About contraceptives, Tarah Cadiz it ...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan , true enough. All these supplements have mislead people too that supplements and herbal remedies can be used as a replacement for the conventional and proven medications-- then they come visit the hospital in a much worse condition.

I might be a little ignorant here, but why isn't contraception not allowed to be advertised? It's for reproductive health reasons, so wh...
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Advertisements really have a huge impact on consumers, so with regard to medicines, marketing and advertising regulations should not be taken lightly. It’s great that Malaysia has these policies with regard to medication advertising. I wonder if this policies also apply to herbal medicines and supplements that target the conditions stated in the Act? Here in the Philippines, only prescription drugs are not allowed to be advertised. The downside of this is that a lot of herbal remedies are aggres...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz Thank you for sharing the article. If i am not wrong, Singapore appears to have a similar policy as well. I think there was quite a bit of debate about B2C marketing as you have describing in the united states. However, in recent years, this seems to have died down. I think there are advantages to both models of marketing.

One curious thing about the article is that the articles asks f...
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