6 signs a healthcare career is for you

6 signs a healthcare career is for you

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Regardless of profession, the healthcare industry is about restoring life and hope so before you decide to embark on a career in this field, check yourself with these 6 prompts.
23 Jan 2017 - General
I agree that these are useful signs to have an idea if one's professional ideations is fitting for one's real outlook in life. However, from my experience, you wouldn't really know if you are a good fit until you start doing medical clerkship, at the very least. One has to encounter challenges and hardships in order to determine if one is really passionate about something. While these are telltale signs, I know of some individuals who initially had these characteristics, but they end...
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For me, my only advice for anyone who wants to take up a career in healthcare is to WANT IT. Want it so bad that you can't imagine yourself doing anything else. Why? Because being in a healthcare career sucks at times-- and not just the type that gives you a bad day. It gets through you, it becomes a part of you.

I honestly did not want this career initially but I had to get through it because I didn't want to disappoint my parents. Slowly, I learned to love it. I also realized...
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