Medical professionals face harsh repercussions for taking selfies in the workplace

Medical professionals face harsh repercussions for taking selfies in the workplace

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Unprofessional behaviour in the workplace is never to be condoned, but those in the medical profession are commonly held to even higher standards by dint of their greater responsibility – they are expected to uphold patient confidentiality rights, protect patients’ personal data and adhere to ethical norms regulating the medical profession. Taking unpermitted ‘selfies’ in the workplace violates all of those responsibilities, and more.
24 Jan 2017 - General
As stated by almost everyone who commented so far, taking selfies in the workplace is not acceptable when the privacy of the patients are being invaded. I am not much of selfie person but I will jump into one if the nurses or fellow doctors wanna take one long as it is not done during an inappropriate time and when no patients are around to see the silliness. I would like to maintain a dignified aura around myself. Patients trust us to care for them and for them to trust us we need...
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Madhubabu kaaja
Can't understand what they were thinking about when they took such pictures?, didn't they realize the reactions and results of their doings.
Healthcare professionals should respect the place where they work and patients, they should control themselves and respect their work place especially hospitals where emergency cases are everywhere, really childish doings and they deserve what...
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Unfortunately the students/trainees that were mentioned in the article have to learn about the value of professional conduct the hard way. However,I am not completely against taking photos/ selfies in the workplace provided that such acts are not stepping on the rights of patients or other people to privacy. Personally, I shy away from taking pictures in hospital wards and areas with patients because I am preventing the possibility of invading another person's privacy, without the intention ...
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