You are Health Care Professional, by Chance or by Choice?

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24 Jan 2017 - General

Our career and profession is very important for us. In most of the cases we choose our profession by our choice and sometimes we have to accept profession by chance. I have chosen pharmacy profession by choice because I like to be pharmacist. Why you have chosen your profession and what you think it is right for you or not?

Like Theekshana Abayawickrama it was also a mix of both. I had no idea what course to enroll in, but my mom, who is a doctor, wanted me to take up medicine, so I was supposed to take up Biology as a pre-med course. I wasn’t sure if being a doctor was really my calling, so I ended up choosing Pharmacy instead since it could be both a pre-med course and a better standalone career if I decided not to follow in my mo...
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