Pharmacists among the only healthcare professionals experiencing a surplus in Hong Kong

Pharmacists among the only healthcare professionals experiencing a surplus in Hong Kong

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A government study on healthcare manpower (set to be released later this year) has projected that pharmacists will most likely be the only healthcare profession to see excess numbers in the next ten years, while the remaining medical professions, including doctors, nurses and dentists, will continue to face severe shortage.
25 Jan 2017 - General
I share the same sentiments with everyone here. Dispensing of medications should come with a valid prescription from a physician. The pharmacists are very vital in receiving valid prescriptions and dispensing medications. They keep the patients safe by making sure that the dispensed medications are used for the intended purpose and give patient important precautionary measures (i.e. taking NSAIDs with a full stomach). If pharmacy owners opt to sell medications without prescription, then the pati...
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Thank you for your insights on the matter Ellen C and William B. Oh my, I didn't know that doctors both prescribe and dispense medication in Hong Kong. This would basically render pharmacists unnecessary then? Dispensing by doctors is against the law in most other countries and I am surprised that this is allowed in Hong Kong...
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First of all, there is no separation of prescribing and dispensing in Hong Kong. Private doctors have both prescribing and dispensing rights which cause great conflict of interest and the potential abuse of health insurance. The Hong Kong does not regard the Community Pharmacists as a member of primary care service providers. Therefore, people see doctors for acnes, common cold, influenza and minor ailments. The total healthcare costs jet up and the demand of doctor is never ended. The medical p...
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The article failed to mention the root cause of the problem. We, in Hong Kong, do not have separation of prescribing and dispensing, which is also why retail pharmacies cannot survive through the "downturn". I'm giving the word quotation marks because there shouldn't be a downturn in our industry in the first place given that the population is aging and there ought to be an increasing demand for medications. Just think about this: If patients can receive prescription medication...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
The field of pharmacy and according the courses students study in college prepare them to fit in many positions and make a huge difference providing helpful options to doctors of different specialties.
Limiting them in pharmacies work and retail processes is not fair and that explain why there are an increase in their number, giving them the opportunity to use their knowledge will be a ...
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