Placebo or nocebo: The importance of doctor-patient conversations

Placebo or nocebo: The importance of doctor-patient conversations

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A simple conversation between doctor and patient can be as potent as an analgesic as many of the treatments prescribed  or it can cause more harm, and this is because the mind is a powerful thing that can affect the body. However it is usually overlooked. It is time to recognise the power of doctor-patient conversations.
25 Jan 2017 - General
Tahira Nawaz Here's a passsage i have to quote from another article about male patient lying here on MIMS : "Patients often act as their own worst enemy in getting their health concerns resolved when they keep information from their doctors". in the same breath of saying, patients wont be able to share with caregiver what information they dont know/aware of. A knowledgeable and truthful patient ca...
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Pertaining "nocebo", an informed patient would conciously take note of the symtoms/side effects described because there is an awareness of, and able to identify it, hence they are able to respond in the affirmative. An uninformed patient would either be unaware of the symptoms/side effects, or unable to describe the symptoms/side effects due to lack of knowledge or simply put aside the symptoms/side effects as negligible or being a part of the sickness he/she is already having and henc...
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