PH: Signature campaign to make hemodialysis free launched

PH: Signature campaign to make hemodialysis free launched

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A group of media men from the Philippines' summer capital, Baguio City, have launched a signature campaign calling on the government to make hemodialysis free for citizens, especially poor patients.
25 Jan 2017 - General
This will be a great relief for everyone who's undergoing dialysis! Nowadays there's a lot of patients who are having kidney problems from various age groups. Children aren't excluded at all on the said population. The earliest age I have given care to a dialysis patient was 9 years old. Just imagine these innocent people have altered life satisfaction at an early stage. You get to have your regular dialysis session twice or thrice per week. And take note, that patient of mine has an...
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This is in the city where I live, and just in my social circles, I have been hearing about the increasing number of patients in need of dialysis. Needing this procedure really takes its toll on the patient and his family, and though the national funding of 90 sessions per patient is a big help, those who need to undergo hemodialysis for life would find this lacking. There are pros and cons of this request for free hemodialysis procedures; sure it would help patients in need, especially since it ...
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