Strategic healthcare spending translates to better health outcomes

Strategic healthcare spending translates to better health outcomes

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Strategic healthcare spending can improve health outcomes, according to Bakhuti Shengelia, Director of Health Care Systems of Novartis International AG.
25 Jan 2017 - General
I can say that patient have to face more money from their pocket and additionally a more burden on healthcare and insurance payments. As Dr Heena Pohani told that a strategic plan could eliminate funds distribution problems otherwise people could be in trouble with lack of proper planning. Private and public partnership which can be a hopeful collaboration system in for adapting countries. I hope it should come ...
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Aside from an aging population, I think one significant factor that increases health care costs is that people today often get sick at a younger age. Years ago, diseases that affected older people, like cardiovascular diseases and cancer, are now starting to affect people at an earlier age. This is mainly due to the current lifestyle of the majority. Again, what health authorities should push for is prevention of diseases, as I think this will be the most effective strategy to decreasing health ...
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