Hydration, vital in prevention of severe dengue

Hydration, vital in prevention of severe dengue

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Taking fluids should always be the first action, more so if you suspect you have signs and symptoms of dengue.
26 Jan 2017 - General
Prevention is always better than cure. Gone are the dengue season in the Philippines which is running from the month of June- September which are considered as the rainy seasons. We do have this three o''clock habit in the Philippines wherein people practices cleaning of their backyards and burning dried leaves to get rid of the mosquitoes. Hydration will always be the cure for dengue and often times patients may result to death in terms of severe dehydration wherein they can go to shock...
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It is viral in nature and the treatment is supportive. One must also avoid drinking dark-colored beverages and eating dark-colored food as doing so may mask GI bleeding , a known complication of dengue virus infection. Since the article already mentioned a rapid diagnostic test that is significant for the febrile days, the dengue antigen is also helpful beyond 3 days. Positive result for IgM means that there is an ongoing infection while positive result for IgG points out to a previous infection...
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It’s great that this is being emphasized to the public. Many people immediately go to the hospital for confinement when dengue is diagnosed, not knowing that if the case is not severe (for example, platelet counts are within normal), the condition can be treated at home with adequate hydration (with water and oral rehydration solutions) and symptomatic fever treatment, along with going for platelet monitoring everyday. There was a period here in our city when all hospitals were full due to the m...
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Thank you for sharing this insightful article. I guess adequate hydration to avoid dehydration is important in most of the time in any conditions, unless the patient has signs of fluid overload - cardiac or renal issues. Otherwise it is also good to have enough fluid intake. The thing about dengue fever is that in severe dengue shock syndrome or dengue hemorrhagic fever, the basement membrane becomes porous thus, patient can also have pleural effusion and in this case, over hydration may not be ...
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